• I strongly recommend my friend and colleauge Bhumesh Verma for legal assistance if you do business in India.I have always found Bhumesh to be a strong lawyer: timely, valuable advice; trusted by his clients and appreciated by his fellow lawyers.

    Massimo Caiazza : International lawyer based in Milan
  • Bhumesh is a sound lawyer, with a very pleasant disposition and desire to get the deal done in the interests of his client.

    Anand Desai : Managing Partner, DSK Legal
  • I have worked with Bhumesh for several years. As a lawyer, he has an extraordinary business acumen and every part of his lawyering is always focused on the best commercial needs of clients. Bhumesh has significant skills and outstanding experience especially in cross-border matters where he is able to apply his capacity to understand and combine different cultures and legal systems.

    Giuseppe Broccoli : Partner – BDA Studio Legale, Milan, Italy
  • In a complex country like India, it is very important to be assisted by a trustworthy and non-biased expert, which are key attributes of Bhumesh. His assistance was essential while dealing a joint-venture agreement with a local partner in India.

    Rafael Younis Marques : Partner, Brazil
  • Bhumesh is thorough and effective. He is an asset to any legal team.

    Baharat Anand : Partner – Khaitan & Co
  • Bhumesh was instrumental in relationship and providing us with first class legal advice if and when required.

    Achim Vogt : BHW Bausparkasse AG
  • Bhumesh is a dedicated and hard working lawyer who could be depended on to advise clients on details of foreign investment laws and RBI regulations. Bhumesh’s advise was always clear and consise and delivered in a timely manner.

    Sadhana Kaul : General Counsel South East Asia Region
  • Bhumesh is a reliable and expert lawyer and helped us in finding the appropriate corporate solution for a project to be carried out locally in India. Client was satisfied despite the complicate legal environment and I enjoyed working with Bhumesh.

    Luigi M. Macioce : Equity Partner, Milan, Italy
  • Bhumesh is a great Attorney and provides business oriented legal solutions at ease. It was great working with him as our external lawyer and I recommend Bhumesh for his expertise, professionalism and commitment towards work.

    Sohail Ashraf : Heading Legal functions
  • Bhumesh is an excellent, business-oriented lawyer, with very good negotiation and mediation skills and a and problem-solving approach.

    Stefano Artuso : Commercial Lawyer, Treviso, Italy
  • I had the privilege of working with Bhumesh for some of our coal mining ventures in India where we had to prepare several JVs and form JV companies. Bhumesh had always given us the best guidance in time. I find an excellent person in him with in depth understanding of corporate, company affairs. Working with him was also a great learning experience for me.

    Ranajit Das : Senior Mining Consultant , Dassault Systèmes
  • Bhumesh was already providing services to Ceragon Networks Ltd. when I joined Ceragon as General Counsel. I continued to use Bhumesh’s services in relation to Ceragon’s Indian subsidiary and was always satisfied with his work. I can warmly recommend him.

    Norman Kotler : Attorney, Israel